We build apparel brands

by creating a bespoke path through

Thoughtful Design

Services We Provide

TDG’s targeted intake process identifies the path that best serves your goals.

Brand Builder
Brand Builder
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Define Point of Differentiation
  • Identify Customer Profile
  • Corporate identity – Logo creation; Style Guide


Trend Analysis & Fashion Forecasting
Trend Analysis & Fashion Forecasting
  • Custom Reports to inform your development and business decisions
  • Targeted focus: Fashion, Interior, Color, Prints, Specific categories, etc.
  • Retail landscape, performance, and comparison
  • Near-term or long-term trend identification
  • The latest hits from the influencer sphere


Product & Apparel Design
Product & Apparel Design
  • Technical Packages (Sketch, BOM, Spec, Grading, Trims)
  • Textile & Garment Sourcing (local/overseas depending on your needs)
  • Prototype Development
  • Embellishment Design
  • Ranging from a single sketch you need urgently, to an entire seasonal collection
Production & Logistics Management
Production & Logistics Management
  • Determine the Best factory solution for you (Domestic vs Overseas)
  • Identify Custom Duties, Freight and FX in costing
  • Product Testing and Quality Control measures
Product Fulfillment
Product Fulfillment
  • We provide scalable, fulfillment solutions from small custom orders to large bulk shipments.  Local to International solutions.
  • Inventory Management
  • Corporate On-boarding Packages
  • Integrated back-end for automated customer communication, Couriers, Inventory/Sales reports, Customer Data
  • Catalog Photoshoot Management
  • 3-D Modelling
  • Licensed Drone Pilots
  • Video Editing
Social Media & SEO
Social Media & SEO
  • Develop a Social Media (SM) Strategy
  • Custom Audience
  • Remarketing & email campaigns
  • Influencer marketing
  • Keyword research, position ranking
  • Competitor analysis
  • Content creation
  • Tracking code analytics
  • Website optimization
Software & App Development
Software & App Development
  • Design and architecture
  • UI/UX experience
  • Features and functionality
  • Deployment and integration
  • Maintenance and support
  • User documentation
  • Security and data privacy
  • Performance optimization
  • Project management
Website & E-commerce
Website & E-commerce
  • Website structure and design
  • CMS, HTML, CSS and Java Script
  • Optimize for search engines
  • Responsive and mobile-friendly
  • WordPress, Shopify, WooCommerce
  • Content creation
  • Theme, App and plugin integration
  • GDPR and PCI DSS compliant
  • Graphic design and image optimization

Our Trusted Clientele

TDG is honored to collaborate with these exciting brands.


“I had no concept on how to bring my idea into reality…. I trusted their process and would not do this with anyone else”.   N. Brandt

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“Absolute Pros…  they listened, asked the right questions, came up with killer designs and quality product”.   C. Jackson

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TDG Collections

Our Featured Projects

TDG is here to provide solutions that make your path easier. Here are some of our past collaborations.


Task: Toromont Cimco, established in 1913, tasked TDG to devise a radically new system of employee engagement.

Approach: After digging deeply into the archives and history of the company, TDG created a plan of new, custom designs of high-quality apparel and merchandise Cimco employees are proud to wear, while respecting the company’s past, present and future vision.

Execution: With logo consistency at the forefront, apparel and merchandise were designed and sourced locally and overseas to meet their needs. https://www.shopcimco.com/ was customized by our team with unique features including their very own currency, ‘Cimco bucks’, awarded to employees using a form of blockchain tech. TDG continues to work as an extension of Cimco’s Marketing team- providing design, photoshoot, sourcing and fulfillment services




Gilrose’s Naomi Brandt had a dream of creating lab coats that went beyond workwear… innovative and desirably fashionable. Naomi has deep medical industry knowledge and required apparel expertise.

Approach: TDG studied & reported on the lab coat market and styling trends. TDG guided Naomi through the process of building the elements of her brand – values, logo, product design, sourcing, sales & fulfillment.

Execution: A bespoke process of product development focused on sourcing newness in fabric. Design was crafted until a perfect representation of the dream emerged. The team then moved to showcase this new product via photo and video shoots. TDG created the gilrosewhitecoat.com website and initiated the social media plan. TDG manages production and order fulfillment direct to customers worldwide.


We are a collaborative group of industry experts who understand strategic execution.
Our group will work in tandem with your current team to expand your capabilities.

TDG will customize a bespoke plan
to achieve your goals.


Meet The Group Leaders

Meet The Group Leaders

Our team of experts come from diverse backgrounds with extensive hands-on industry experience.

Jim Gardner



Jim experiences overwhelming success when collaborating with people who share TDG’s core values of Integrity, Trust and Respect.

Before graduating from the University of Toronto, Jim co-founded a street, surf, and snow brand called, Bruzer – Clothing for a Board Society, in 1992. The company operated a thriving cut and sew factory in Toronto’s garment District and was producing apparel for the best sports retailers across North America.

In 2000, apparel import quotas were removed; making  it difficult for local manufacturers to compete. Bruzer then aligned with great Canadian TV brands: Canadian Idol, Corner Gas, Degrassi, etc… We had the exclusive license to design, produce, and distributed to over 280 Canadian retailers.

In 2006, launched Renu –Clothing with Purpose – an environmentally sensitive brand utilizing smarter fabrics, dyes, and printing processes. We continue to work with socially and environmentally compliant factories overseas.

In 2010, Bruzer -Thoughtful Design and Renu entered the US College industry – acquiring more than 240 of the most exclusive NCAA and pro sport licenses.

In 2019, the Bruzer Brand was sold and Thoughtful Design Group was born.

At TDG, we use our extensive industry experience to guide others along the path of least resistance to ensure a successful launch!


Jason Kendall



Jason has been leading the design team at TDG since its inception in 2019 and brings a complete understanding of the process from concept through to production thanks to decades of work honing his skills at brands such as Haggar, Sears, Bruzer Sportsgear, Avonlea Traditions, Hatley, Barbarian Sportswear.

Since graduating at the top of his class at the International Academy of Design in 2000 he has been steadily immersed in the areas of trend research, design, sourcing, prototyping and production.

Personable, trustworthy and dedicated, Jason will make your experience a pleasure.

Melwyn D’Silva



Melwyn DSilva is a Certified Digital Marketing professional with over a decade-long experience covering the entire spectrum of digital marketing and related fields. Areas of expertise include Brand Development, Search Engine Optimization, Website development, Graphic Design, Social Media Marketing and Management, Mobile App Development, Data Analytics, and Software Applications. Leverages experience in advertising, marketing, business development, industry knowledge, economic insights, client servicing, networks, and customer relations to create lasting value and win-win solutions.


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